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Some people arrange their holidays deliberately in order to attend opera festivals, see productions of the favourite operas, visit opera houses or perhaps seek out the birthplace of a composer.  There are many tour operators who offer packaged speciality holidays around opera, so dedicated opera enthusiasts are well catered for.

But there are opera-related places which are not quite so obvious, or which are better known for something else other than opera.  And there are people who go on holiday and never realise that there are places close by which have an opera link.  And there are others who don’t want to go abroad to do their opera tourism, but are quite happy to go on a virtual tour on-line.  The Opera Tourist section of OperaStory offers articles to satisfy all tastes: from birth places to burial places, from the settings of opera stories, to obscure opera houses now lost for ever, opera pilgrims can enjoy their travels, plan their holidays and arrange their touring around opera.

Opera Tourist articles are numbered, but there is no logical sequence: the numbers are just to help you keep track of what you have read and what you haven’t.