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Welcome to the Opera Garden.  Opera lovers need something to do in the day-time, and gardening is an ideal companion activity.  But the two need not be regarded as mutually exclusive activities, since there are many mentions of plants and trees in operas, and these could easily be planted or positioned in a space of any size to produce an opera garden – a garden in which every plant, every tree, every shrub and every hard-landscape feature is related in some way to an operatic character, emotion or plot.  Some of the links are obvious, others are beautifully obscure, all of them are fascinating.  Some opera directors do their own thing, however, so a mention of something growing in the libretto may not actually appear on the stage, so be prepared to do some background reading from time to time.

Enjoy these articles, choose and plant carefully, and may it not be long before everything in your garden reminds you of something in an opera.

Opera Garden articles are numbered, but there is no logical sequence: the numbers are just to help you keep track of what you have read and what you haven’t.