A heart as soft as Ricotta




Mozart wrote some of the most sublime operas we have, but he also left several unfinished operas. The titles of them are not as well known as the titles of his completed operas, and because they are just fragments, there is rarely enough material to justify putting them on as a fully-staged performance: sometimes there is hardly enough left even to make up a coherent story. A concert performance is the closest most opera-goers can hope for, but, because they are by Mozart, the chances are that they have been recorded at least once, so the possibility of being able to get hold of a CD is quite high. One of these operatic fragments is called L’Oca del Cairo (‘The Cairo Goose’). The Goose bit of the title is the subject of another Opera Kitchen article. For now, Opera Kitchen will look at a foodstuff which occurs in the duet which opens the opera – ricotta.