Welcome to Opera Story

Hello.  Welcome to a new view of opera.  The heart of the Opera Story site is a collection of opera plots available free to anyone.  But there are more stories involved in an opera than just the plot: there are the life stories of the composer and the librettist, and there is the relationship between them, the tension between words and music which makes opera so fascinating.  Then there is perhaps the original story which inspired the opera (a book, a play, a myth, a real life event), the stories of singers for whom the opera was written, the opera houses and the changing conventions over the centuries, and then there are the stories about the audiences and their expectations, about operas which were declared disasters after their first performances but which have now become favourites all over the world, and about operas which were greeted with wild enthusiasm by the first audiences but which have now slipped into obscurity.

Opera Story offers a wide range of articles about all these stories and also explores aspects of opera which most people never consider, such as mentions of food in opera, or trees and plants, or pets and animals.  Often, these sidelines can tell you a lot about the characters, the background of the composer.   Opera can take you in any direction you want to go: it is a fascinating world, full of surprises and full of fun.

Follow the links to find the operas that you want to know the story of, and then, if you want to know more, for a small cost, you can have access to a wide range of articles exploring any other strand which takes your fancy.

Opera Story is fun; a fascinating and often quirky journey into new world of opera.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Roger Witts